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febrero 18, 2016


Intro/January Git/Bye Bye/Permissive Twit/Matrimony/Independent Air/Nothing Rhymed/Too Much Attention/Susan Van Heusen/If I Don't Get You (Back Again)/Thunder & Lightning/Houdini Said/Doing The Best I Can/Outro
Bonus Tracks: Disappear/What Can I Do/Mr. Moody's Garden/Everybody Knows/Underneath The Blanket Go/We Will/I Didn't Know What To Do/No Matter How I Try
Nov 2011

Intro/I Hope You'll Stay/In My Hole/Clair/That's Love/Can I Go With You/But I'm Not/Outro/I'm In Love With You/Who Was It?/What Could Be Nicer/Out Of The Question/The Golden Rule/I'm Leaving/Outro
Bonus Tracks: Alone Again (Naturally)/Save It/Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day
Feb 2012
I'm A Writer Not A Fighter/A Friend Of Mine/They've Only Themselves To Blame/Who Knows Perhaps Maybe/Where Peaceful Waters Flow/Ooh Baby/I've Never Loved You As Much As I Love You Today/Not In A Million Years/If You Love Me Like You Love Me/Get Down
Bonus Tracks: A Very Extrordinary Sort Of Girl/Good Company/Why, Oh Why, Oh Why/You Don't Have To Tell Me
April 2012

Number 4/A Woman's Place/No More/It's So Easy To Be Sad/My Father/The Marriage Machine/If You Ever/The Thing Is/Just Like Me/Victor E/I Wonder Would You Mind/15 Times/Nothing To Do About Much/Can't Get You To Love Me/Always Somebody
Bonus Tracks: Happiness Is Me And You/Breakfast, Dinner And Tea/Too Bad/To Cut A Long Story Short/You Are You/Tell Me Why/That's A Fact
June 2012

Intro/You Got Me Going/No Telling Why/Tomorrow Today/The Best Fun I Ever Had/I Remember Once/Intro (side 2)/I Of Course Replied/That's Where I Belong/My Love And I/If I Can't Have You All To Myself
Bonus Tracks: I'll Believe It When I See It/Just As You Are/You Never Listen To Reason/Call On Me/Doing What I Know/To Each His Own/Can't Get You Out Of My Mind/As Long As I Can/Our Own Baby
June 2012

I Love It But/What's In A Kiss?/Hello It's Goodbye/Why Pretend/I'm Not Getting Any Younger/Things That Go Bump In The Night/Help Is On The Way/For What It's Worth/The Niceness Of It All/Can't Get Enough Of You/Break It To Me Gently/Or So They Say
Bonus Track: Down, Down Down
Aug 2012

Live Now Pay Later/Bear With Me/You Don't Own Me/A Minute Of Your Time/
Is It A Crime?/Got To Be That Way/Has Been/I Promise Honest/I Wonder Why/
Looking (A Tale Of Two Meanings)/If I Know You/At Least I'm Honest
Bonus Tracks: Don't Bother At All/In Other Words
Aug 2012

Lost A Friend/At The Very Mention Of Your Name/What Am I Doing Here With You/If I Start With The Chorus/So What/The Way Things Used To Be/I Don't Trust Men With Earrings In Their Ears/Gordon Bennett/To The Extreme/Stick In The Mud
Bonus Tracks: I Have My Coat To Keep Me Warm/Forever Wondering/At The Very Mention Of Your Name (Single Version)/In A Nutshell/So What (Instrumental Extended Mix)
April 2013

Are You Happy?/Not That It Bothers Me/Sometimes/It's Easy To See When You're Blind/Having Said That/Can't Think Straight (duet with Peggy Lee)/The Best Love I Never Had/Divorce Irish Style/Came And Went/I'm Not Too Young/I Can Give You
Bonus Tracks: Can't Think Straight (duet with Takao Kisugi)/Can't Think Straight (duet with Silvia Tortosa)/What A Way (To Show I Love You)
April 2013
PASS: mijas
7 de jul. de 2013


 Label:Pickwick/33 Records – SPC-3334
Format:Vinyl, LP, Compilation

A1 Gilbert O'Sullivan – Mr. Moody´s Garden        
A2 Gilbert O'Sullivan – Get Out Of My Life       
A3 Gilbert O'Sullivan – Mr. & Mrs. Regards       
A4 Gilbert O'Sullivan – Came To See Me Yesterday   
A5 Gilbert O'Sullivan – I Wish I Could Cry       
B1 Gerry Dorsey – I´ll Never Fall In Love Again        
B2 Gerry Dorsey – Every Day Is A Wonderful Day       
B3 Gerry Dorsey – Big Wheel   
B4 Gerry Dorsey – The Sentimental Joker
7 de jul. de 2013

febrero 18, 2015

GILBERT O'SULLIVAN - The best of...

Playlist files:

01. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Nothing Rhymed (3:25)
02. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Underneath The Blanket Go (3:06)
03. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Too Much Attention (2:33)
04. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Matrimony (3:18)
05. Gilbert O'Sullivan - No Matter How I Try (3:03)
06. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (Naturally) (3:41)
07. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Ooh Wakka Doo Wakka Day (2:48)
08. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Clair (3:03)
09. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Who Was It (2:29)
10. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Out Of The Question (2:59)
11. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Get Down (2:43)
12. Gilbert O'Sullivan - A Very Extraordinary Sort Of Girl (2:18)
13. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Ooh Baby (3:16)
14. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Why, Oh Why, Oh Why (3:51)
15. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Happiness Is Me And You (3:10)
16. Gilbert O'Sullivan - A Woman's Place (3:16)
17. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Christmas Song (2:47)
18. Gilbert O'Sullivan - I Don't Love You But I Think I Like You (3:13)
19. Gilbert O'Sullivan - You Got Me Going (2:43)
20. Gilbert O'Sullivan - What's In A Kiss (Original Version) (2:35